The Codex of The Heart 11|11

First One – Coming Back to Your God Given Imprint

It is time to activate the Master Codes, the Master Codex of the Heart! This series of light codes was created while working with two others as we had been called together to reconcile old energies. These energies are within self and therefore within the collective, within the planet and beyond. It is the multidimensionality of our new reality that we Reunite | Repair | Close-Out. It is a common theme for those who are here to light up the ascension path for self and others to come along on the journey! All have free will to make their choice, to do the inner work, to feel yourself come back to love, love of self, love of all life including the planet herself and the Source of all Creation.

You can see the rest of the Light Codes that were utilized within the Codex on this website. I will reference the pages here as well the YT video where we gathered and this was expresssed live through Light Codes, Words and Light Language.

Within the ‘First One’ Light Code see yourself as you began your journey, the Imprint that God created in the likeness of itself. See yourself as the lock and the key that unlocks. Travel around to your many doorways, many creations you chose through the spiral of time. Come back to that imprint of self and use your key to unlock the truth of who you are within the Golden Lion, within the heart, within your connection as a Source Light Being of the One, The First One, the All that is One!

Here are the website light code references:,,


Master Codes Activated ~ Complete 11|11
Source Code Pink Angel ~ Water Vessel ~ Hydrangea

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